Why Merino Wool?

Merino Wool. Nature's Miracle Fabric.

"This think is amazing. Perfect on it's own in the summer, and the best base layer ever."

Ryan Sharp - Founder at SPS


"I wore this shirt for 7 days straight on my last trip. It smelled fresh, looked fresh and worked with my entire wardrobe."

Ryan Martin, President at Frye


"The freedom of movement is amazing. It's like I'm wearing my gym shirt to work. Love it!"

Martin Zeltner, Green Earth Consulting


Merino Wool Features

Merino wool is packed with features that allow you to (among other things) feel better, look better, pack less, travel more, sweat more, wash less, smell less, stay outside, have more fun, have a lower environemental impact and ultimately do more and live better.  

The freedom of movement all day long to keep you moving 24/7.

Moisture wicking to keep you cool when you overheat, and warm when your cold.

More doing, less washing. Just hang it up to air at the end of the day.

Keeps you cool when you overheat, and insulated when you're chilled.

Ultra-light strength and rebound. Wear it for days and still look fresh.  

We source only fully audited, fully traceable, non-mulsed, AUS/NZ merino wool.