For many of us, camps are the place where we first experienced the wonders of wilderness and the great outdoors.  It's a right of passage for many of Canada's youth, building lifelong friendships, an appreciation of the natural world around them and skillsets and confidence that will follow them into adulthood.  
The toque is an essential camp must-have, providing warmth while getting things going at morning campsites, or keeping you cozy while enjoying songs and stars around late night campfires.  Our first collection of classic Merino Wool headwear consists of a watchman cap and a fisherman's beanie, and was designed to be the prefect 4-season addition to your wardrobe, whether you're at camp, the cottage, commuting to work, or just having a bad hair day.
$10 from the sale of every toque goes directly to a camp in need.  
You can find our current assortment of Caps for Camps in our