At STNDRD FARE, we use a minimalist design ethos to create apparel and accessories that bring together the best of functional active-wear and tailored work-wear. Fabrics built for the outdoors, married with timeless silhouettes inspired by the city. We utilize classic lines and tailored design elements, with a focus on superb quality and refined details, to create functional wardrobe staples that you can use everyday. Products that are as timeless and versatile as you are. 

We want to get away from the trend-driven, fast-fashion products that are so readily available today.   Hand-made in Canada in small seasonal runs, our goal is to provide the highest quality, best looking, most comfortable apparel you can buy. Along with the knowledge that not only are you looking great and living a healthier lifestyle, you’re also supporting a bigger cause and making a change with your purchase. 

Buy less.  Buy better.