At STNDRD FARE our mission is to encourage an active outdoor lifestyle. We know that kids today aren't getting outside as much as they used to and are losing the social, physical and mental benefits that go along with spending time outdoors. We also know that childrens' habits are largely established through their parents and what they're exposed to growing up.

It doesn't have to be about bagging peaks, crushing miles or epic journeys.  STNDRD FARE is about the everyday adventures, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, every single day.   We build apparel and accessories designed to keep you mobile, comfortable, dry, warm and fresh outdoors, all while looking your best. So walk to work, bike to work, hike at lunch, walk for groceries, take a short walk to the coffee shop. Our hope is that the kids of today will adopt these healthy habits and become outdoor advocates for the next generation.

1 shirt - 7 days

Starting healthy outdoor habits is what we're all about and we want you to join the  club.  We invite you to take our 7-day challenge  and to get outside every day for an entire week, even if it's only for 30 minutes, and incorporate the outdoors into your daily routine. Kickstart a helathy habit that has the potential to ignite the younger generation, encouraging them to embrace the outdoors as they grow up.  Together we can build better basics for the next generation.

We use only the best merino wool available, since it provides a number of amazing performance features.  No odour retention, great shape retention,  moisture and thermal management and a host of others benefits.  And believe it or not, you can wear your STNDRD FARE shirt for 7 days straight without washing it.  Simply hang it up at the end of the day to air out and put it on again fresh as new the next morning.   Seeing as the average high-efficiency washer uses about 6 litres of water per load, that's a savings of 42 litres over the course of a week.  Look good, feel good, do good.