The photo above shows my Great Uncle Pete Priestman, with his father (my Great grandfather), Roger Priestman up in Northern Ontario during a family trip back in the 1960's.  I didn't have a chance to get to know my Great Grandfather, but I spent a lot of time with my Great Uncle Pete.  Pete founded the Hamilton and Scarborough Boys Clubs of Canada, and was one of my inspirations as I stumbled into adulthood. I worked through my early 20’s as an Outdoor Educator, a Canoe Guide, and an Outdoor Experiential Facilitator and we shared a passion for the outdoors, working with youth-at-risk and enjoying the simpler things in life.

I had the pleasure of living with him for more than a year in Northern Ontario and we often shared stories about paddling trips, living and travelling through the North, his early days founding the Boys Clubs and life in general. He talked a lot about the kids that he had helped over the years, and what the outdoors had given to both the kids and himself; the pride and happiness of watching someone grow to become successful and comfortable in their own skin through a self-awareness garnered through the outdoors. Pete passed away in 2014, but the number of former students from his Clubs that turned up to say thank you for everything he had done for them was a testament to his impact on their lives.

STNDRD FARE is about carrying forward this legacy and continuing to build better basics in today's youth. Our goal is simple; to create tailored products that fit into both the city and wild, that allow you to get outside all day, every day and enjoy the benefits that come from an active outdoor lifestyle. We want to see adults setting positive examples for today’s youth through healthy outdoor living, allowing them to build a strong set of habits and values that will carry them into adulthood.   

Each product in our inaugural line of shirts is named for an outdoor place that was instrumental in shaping my family's outdoor habits over the years.  I hope that our STNDRD FARE  products inspire you to get outside with the young people in your life and start building memories that they'll be able to carry forward into the next generation. 


Andy Priestman

Quetico Park, circa 1950's

Camp setup in Quetico Provincial Park, 1950's

Loading up for a trip to Quetico, 1950's

Loading up for a trip to Quetico Provincial Park, 1950's.