STNDRD FARE is defined by a single mission: to create the most comfortable and versatile shirts on the market.   A blend between natural performance fabrics, modern tailoring and enduring style and quality.  Our shirts are designed to flow seamlessly from work to play, and back again while withstanding the everyday rigours of an active lifestyle.

Our mission to create the most versatile shirt all started with our love to be outdoors.  Whether it's biking, walking, running, climbing, paddling, surfing, skiing, boarding or something completely different, we love being active outside. It's somewhat ironic that over 80% of the Canadian population lives in cities, yet the woods, lakes and mountains of the Canadian wilderness are what truly define us. Rugged yet refined, that’s how we’re made. With 4 dedicated seasons every year, ranging from extreme cold to scorching heat, mixed with a rainy season and a dry season, it’s understandable that the Canadian wardrobe needs to be versatile.

At STNDRD FARE we believe that your circle of friends, your social etiquette and your word is more important than the number of Instagram followers you have.  We think that life should move seamlessly between work and play and consumerism should be both thoughtful and local, with respect for our environment.  We should spend more time outdoors than we do indoors, lead by example and believe in a community where manners are important, recess still means “outdoor free play” at school, and kids can stay out until the street lights come on. We aren’t judged by things we have, but by who we are.  As Canadians, we work hard and play hard, so wouldn’t it be great to look our best while doing both?  

We hope you'll follow our journey and welcome you to join us!  Welcome to the new STNDRD.