Our Mission

It's all about the movement

Remember when kids used to stay outside until the streetlights came on? We do, and we think that good old-fashioned outdoor play is one of the building blocks that empowers both youth and adults alike. It’s sad to see this disappearing with the next generation, because along with this goes a respect and an intrinsic need to protect our wild spaces.
We don’t want to see that vanish, so all of our products are designed to keep you outside, comfortable and looking good, regardless of the weather. Each garment is created as a performance layer that can be worn formally or casually, as a base layers or on its own. They’re hand crafted into modern silhouettes, allowing you to get active 7 days per week, and still keep you feeling and looking your best.  Our hope is that through tailored, everyday performance apparel, you can inspire the next generation to keep moving and get outside. That’s why 10% of profits from every online sale go back to the delivery of local, community based outdoor programs. Building better basics for the next generation.