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outdoor leadership 

At STNDRD FARE our mission is to facilitate an active outdoor lifestyle.  We know that kids today aren't getting outside as much as they used to and as such are losing the social, physical and mental benefits that go along with being outdoors.  We also know that childrens' habits are largely established through their parents and what they're exposed to growing up.   

Our products are designed to help you establish healthy, outdoor habits by enabling outdoor activity, every day.  We build apparel and accessories designed to keep you mobile, comfortable, dry, warm and fresh outdoors, all while looking your best.  So walk to work, bike to work, hike at lunch, walk for groceries, take a short walk to the coffee shop.   Our hope is that your kids will follow your healthy habits and become outdoor advocates for the next generation.

Building healthy habits is what we're all about, so we challenge you to take our 7-day challenge.  there's no award for finishing, but there's certainly a reward.  Get outside, even if it's only for 30 minutes, every day of the week and incorporate the outdoors into your daily routine.  Building healthy habits that your kids will see and build into their own routines as they grow up.  Building better basics for the next generation.

look good. feel good. do good.



Our apparel and accessories are designed to keep you looking your best on the go.  Get outside, get active and stay mobile every day, with wrinkle-free, odour-free, worry-free tailored goods.


Our feathr-light16.5 micron merino is nature's miracle fabric.  Keeping you cool when it's warm out, warm when it's cool out, and manging moisture, odours and stains all day long.


We created STNDRD FARE as way to help encourage adults to incorporate outdoor activities into their everyday lives.  3% of all net sales go back to community outdoor programs.

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