Made in Canada

All STNDRD FARE products are designed and hand-made here in Canada.  We believe that building something  well is more important than building something fast.  By utilizing Canadian factories along with sustainable fabrics and recyled packaging, we're keeping our environmental footprint low and our attention to detail high, allowing you to buy better and buy less. 

At STNDRD FARE, our aim is to create apparel and accessories that bring together the best of functional active-wear and tailored work-wear. Fabrics built for the outdoors, married with silhouettes inspired by the city. We use a minimalist design ethos, with a focus on superb quality, modern yet timeless silhouettes and refined details, to create functional wardrobe staples that you can use everyday.  We're extrememly proud to build these products right here in Canada.

Buy Less.  Buy Better.


Our apparel and accessories are designed to keep you looking your best on the go.  Get outside, get active and stay mobile every day, with wrinkle-free, odour-free, tailored goods.


Our unique 16.5 micron ultra-fine merino is nature's miracle fabric.  Keeping you cool when it's warm out, warm when it's cool out, and manging moisture, odours and stains all day long.


We created STNDRD FARE as way to help encourage adults to incorporate outdoor activities into their everyday lives.  10% of all profits go back to local, community outdoor organizations.

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