Kircaldy Product Story

Kircaldy was the name of the property in Ontario that was built by hand in 1922 by both sides of the family on the shore of Lake Simcoe.  It epitomized togetherness and knew no social classes.  Eventually the ice-house was converted into a second cottage to accommodate the growing brood, and a third small cabin was also built for the overflow. 

On any give summer weekend you could expect 20-25 people to be milling about from 3 or 4 different generations.  The property featured a hand-made and hand marked clay tennis court and a clock-golf and croquet lawn (more often used by tenters to accommodate extended friends and family), so there were lot of ways to burn off summer energy.  Waterskiing, sailing and jumping off the raft when the sky was blue and hiding out in the boathouse to watch the rain roll in when they skies turned grey.  

The style was always casual, with a focus on being active and comfortable.