Over 80% of our population lives in cities, yet the woods, lakes and mountains of the Canadian wilderness are what define us. Rugged yet refined, that’s how we’re made. With 4 dedicated seasons every year, ranging from extreme cold to scorching heat, mixed with a rainy season and a dry season, it’s understandable that the Canadian wardrobe needs to be versatile.

Today’s performance apparel tends to be either fitted as a base layer and covered with logos, making it only suited for the gym, or boxy, unstructured and only appropriate for the weekend. At STNDRD FARE we’ve taken nature’s finest outdoor technical fabric, Merino Wool, and crafted apparel that’s both performance based in it's material choice, while also being tailored for the city.  Dress it up or dress it down, it’s made for moving, sweating and stretching, while keeping you looking and feeling great. 


Remember when kids used to stay out until the streetlights came on? We do, and we think that good old-fashioned outdoor play is one of the building blocks that empowers both youth and adults alike. It’s sad to see this disappearing with the next generation, because along with this goes a respect and an intrinsic need to protect our wild spaces.   Kids and adults are  at risk of losing the ability to hone skills that are learned through an active outdoor lifestyle. Being outside among the trees and water, free to run, free to think and free to make mistakes.  It may surprise you to learn that studies show the average youth between the ages of 12 and 18 spends less time outdoors than a maximum security prison inmate -  under one hour per day, less than half that of their parents.  We believe it's time to make a change.

All STNDRD FARE products are designed to help you get outside, everyday.  We're building a collection of apparel and accessories that are as comfortable at work as they are at the cottage.  All of our pieces are  designed as performance layers that can be worn formally or casually, as both base layers or on their own. They’re built to get you active 7 days per week, and still keep you feeling and looking your best. Our hope is that through functional, everyday apparel, we can help adulats to inspire the next generation to get outdoors. 

 3% of net sales from all STNDRD FARE products go back to the delivery of local, community based outdoor programs. Building better basics for the next generation. 


At STNDRD FARE, our aim is to create apparel and accessories that bring together the best of functional active-wear and tailored work-wear. Fabrics built for the outdoors, married with silhouettes inspired by the city. We use a minimalist design ethos, with a focus on superb quality, modern yet timeless silhouettes and refined details to create functional wardrobe staples that you can use everyday. Products that are as versatile as you are.

Hand-made in Canada in small seasonal runs, our goal is to provide the highest quality, best looking, most comfortable apparel you can buy. Along with the knowledge that not only are you looking great a nd living a healthier lifestyle, you’re also supporting a bigger cause and making a change with your purchase.