Rooted in the wilderness
Over 80% of the Canadian population lives in cities, yet the woods, the lakes and the mountains of the Canadian wilderness are what define us. Rugged yet refined, that’s how we’re made. With 4 dedicated seasons every year, ranging from extreme cold to scorching heat, then mix in a rainy season and a dry season and it’s understandable why the Canadian wardrobe needs to be versatile. But today’s performance apparel tends to be either fitted, and covered with logos which are only suited for the gym, or boxy, unstructured and only appropriate for the weekend.
At STNDRD FARE, our aim is to create apparel and accessories that bring together the best of functional active-wear and tailored work-wear. Fabrics perfect for the outdoors, married with silhouettes inspired by the city. We use a minimalist design ethos, with a focus on superb quality, modern yet timeless silhouettes and refined details to create functional wardrobe staples that you can use everyday. Products that are as versatile as you are.
Hand-made locally in Canada in small-batch runs, 3% of net profits go back to local, grassroots outdoor programs to help our next generation get outside, to enjoy and protect our beautiful wild spaces.